4 Best Musical Movies That Significantly Impact Me

4 Best Musical Movies That Significantly Impact Me

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For a little bit of flashback, in my elementary school days, I was lazy as hell, but not just “rebahan people” kinda lazy. This laziness started when my mom subscribed Indovision as our TV streaming service. I explored new world in my life, imaginations start growing fast at that age. back then, I watched everything, like cartoons, wild life documentaries, Chinese, Bollywood, Korean, Japanese, Hollywood and every movies, genre, that are put in Indovision. Especially Fashion TV…. (don’t blame me dude, there’s no parental control back then).

However things changed,  because I didn’t do my homework, I slept late, even I slept in a sofa near the TV every night. My mom noticed my fallback at that time, so she cancelled the subscription.

That changed my life, until now, I have my own money.

For this site, I’m going to give you what’s good or not, and slight reviews in every bit of it. I give you each 4 titles in every posting. Hope you guys can enjoy it!

4 Musical Movies that give a big impact to me growing up


A loving, cheesy, musical and predictable 2007 drama about kid who lost his own parents because of status-friction related love. His mom is a talented cellist and his father is the lead singer in an Irish rock band. One night stand leads to pregnancy (right? so predictable).

But why do I put it here? August is a musical prodigy, but he doesn’t realize it yet. the story is like a origin story about the prodigy learn about music then eventually leads him to meet his parents. one scene that I like a lot is when August found a guitar in a street musician room, he started to open the case and look at it thoroughly, then he started  slapping the guitar and making great tunes out of it.

Many critics filed a bad review out of this movie, but for me, this is your suitable sunday morning family movie to put on your list. By the way, this movie introduced me to Moondance – Van Morrison and I like it till now.


Also in 2007, starts with a heart full of revenge, Benjamin Barker, a barber moves out to London. Mrs. Lovett, the owner of the worst pie in london, rent her second floor to Barker, as it turns out to be a slaughter house. The plans for revenge is on sight, he starts cutting his customer in their neck (this made me afraid of barber for 6 months) throw it down to Mrs. Lovett food processing dungeon.

She turns corpse into a meat then to a pie, this somehow boost the pie restaurant to a big hit around town. This musical thriller was new to me back then. How Tim Burton directed the movie awesomely and scares the hell out of me. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter was a smart cast to begin with.

Sweeney Todd: “And I guarantee to you that without a penny’s charge I will give you a closest shave you’ll ever get.”


As absurd as it is, TRHPS is actually considered as a cult film. Based on a play in 1973, this is a parody to a low budget horror movie.

Dr. Frank N Furter is an alien, who is also a scientist and a “sweet transitive from Transsexual, Transylvania”. Giving you a psychedelic show where the song itself is catchy enough also felt surreal.

This Comedy/Horror/Thriller/Musical was the best old musical movie that I have ever seen. I love surreal stuff.

Dr. Frank N Furter: “I see you shiver with antici….. pation!”


Trees, rain, and a group of singing frenzy, these are the formula of Bollywood movie in any kind of genre.

But KKHH have put some big hit around the world, with their complex triangle love. It sets two story plot, the first one is when Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) still in college fighting the love between his tomboy best friend Anjali (Kajol) and Tina (Sana Saeed).

The second one is 8-9 years later when Rahul, as a single father, reunited with Anjali, his own kid.

Yes, my childhood filled with a musical movies. But I assure you that at least your pinky finger most-likely to dance on its own when hearing them sing and dance.

Try it youself

Thank you guys to read these absurd thoughts of mine. You can check out my blog for full closure reviews of today’s films.


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